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Why Organization Matters

Are your always searching for your keys? If the search is never ending in your home, let Valley Storage help you keep track of your belongings. We understand why organization matters and want to help you make the most of your space. Look below for our room-by-room tips to keep your house coordinated all year long.

Why Organization Matters


  • Create a designated area for family notes. The kitchen is the best place to make notes of family schedules, meals for the week, and the family shopping list.
  • Add a pocket organizer to the back of the pantry door to organize your pantry.
  • An over-the-cabinet basket keeps organization under the sink. This is good spot for sandwich bags, foil, plastic wraps, etc.
  • Keep meal prepping and clean up as efficient as possible, create a space for every item.


  • Consider adding a metal tiered hanging basket in the shower, that way sponges and rags have a chance to dry.
  • Items you use every day should go in the bathroom closet and items you use less should go under the sink.
  • Use a cutlery tray to organize your first-aid supplies and drawer contents.
  • Add sliding trays under the sink for easy access for the trash can and cleaning supplies.


  • Add cubbies, boxes, or a storage ottoman at the foot of the bed for a creative way to store belongings out of sight.
  • Donate anything not worn in 3-6 months.
  • Whether you store your belongings in the basement, attic, or under your bed make sure to clearly label everything.
  • A coat hanger on the back of the door keeps your coats from cluttering your bed at the end of the day.


  • Get rid of old papers at least once a month to cycle out bills and junk files.
  • Stop searching for important paperwork, color code your documents for easy finding.
  • Think vertical on your office walls with extra shelves. Extend your shelves to the ceiling to store supplies and papers.
  • Make a command center for yourself with bulletin boards and a calendar. This will make staying on top of bills much easier.

Kick the clutter out for good this year with Valley Storage. Stop in or call us for assistance and supplies for any room in your house.