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Where to recycle near you

Planning for the fall season? Whether you are planning the fall festivals or organizing your storage unit, Valley Storage has the tips to recycle and store your gear. After the summer trips are over it is time to start moving the equipment to storage. Use our helpful tools to get ahead of the seasonal swap. Stop by any of our locations near you for available secure storage units and helpful tips .

recycle near you

Stay environmentally conscious and organized with recycling. Inspect gear going in and the equipment coming out of your storage unit. Anything not being used from season to season can go to a donation center and the broken items can go to recycling.

The plastic bags you get at the grocery store are helpful around the house as garbage bags but where can you recycle the ones leftover? Your local grocery store may have the answers, some stores have drop-off locations. So, the next time you shop, bring your bags and go green.

If last year’s winter clothes do not fit anymore donate them to a thrift store, church, or Goodwill store. With the chilly season coming, layers are important for shelters around your area. Do not forget to look through the kids bins as well.

While cleaning the garage, make a section for the scrap bin materials. Only keep what you need around the house and donate the rest to a salvage yard. Clearing out your unused wood or metal scraps is great for other homeowners looking for material for around their house.

Go pumpkin picking this fall or get lost in the community corn maize. With Valley Storage you are ready for the changing seasons and able to recycle in your neighborhood. For all the valuables you want to keep till next year, reach out to our storage experts today!