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Top 3 Tips for Storing Tailgating Accessories

The biggest game of the season is right around the corner, are you planning a big party? Whether you decide to host at the comfort of your home or brave the cold in the parking lot, Valley Storage is helping you find the seasonal storage you need. After the festivities are over, where are you going to store your gear? For the entertainer in the family, these items need to look in tip top shape for the next cookout. A storage unit at any of our locations offers this protection. Read the tips below to see the best way to store your gear.

seasonal storage

Know your gate hours

You will be excited to get to the stadium and set up your spot. This is why it is best to have a plan of attack before arriving at the storage unit. If you were to forget something, make sure you know the gate hours so you do not add to the stressful time.

What is your must store item?

While you sort through the garage and shed, choose the items you want most for next season, make some edits. Only store your must have items. Ask the family to help decipher what should be donated or kept. You may notice the canopy topper has seen better days. Replace this for next season so you stay cool and dry if the summer weather does not cooperate.

Keep the bugs away

Your secret family recipe is a crowd pleaser, but in order to make sure the fans stay at the game, clean off your grill before storing. Bugs and pests love the smell of grease and food. Avoid bug damages by washing anything food related.

Tailgating is fun for the family and all part of the tradition of sports. Gather the friends and family because your gear is always ready to go since you have seasonal storage with Valley Storage Co.