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5 Ways To Reclaim Space After the Holidays
January 16, 2020

Are you taking down the lights and garland? Where are you storing seasonal decorations this year? Finding space around the house for boxes of ornaments and outside decorations can be tricky, especially if you want to keep all your space useable. Self storage can help with your holiday clean up! Here are 5 tips for […]

Holiday Collection
Our Local Holiday Collection You Can Help With
December 3, 2019

Are you ready for the holidays? Valley Storage can help in more ways than one. Our self storage locations are in several neighborhoods. We have over 20 locations with self storage you can trust for your belongings. We are also hosting a holiday collection at each of our Valley Storage facilities.  Learn more about what […]

Elyria OH Storage Solutions
Elyria OH Storage Solutions and Charitable Acts
December 20, 2017

Do you need Elyria OH storage solutions? Since we have multiple locations within Elyria and Grafton OH, you have all the storage space you need. The end of a year gets a little busy with all the parties and family meals, worrying about space is resolved with us. We are here to help you while […]

Harrisonburg VA Storage Solutions
Harrisonburg VA Storage Solutions and Charitable Acts
December 20, 2017

Do not let your belongings out in the cold. Our protective Harrisonburg VA storage solutions help your gear last through the years. Valley Storage Co has helped many customers find the space they need when moving timelines do not match up or when it is time to downsize. There are solutions to every storage situation […]

Lexington VA Storage Solutions
Lexington VA Storage Solutions and Charitable Acts
December 20, 2017

Are you preparing for the holiday guests by making room around the house? If you need a little extra space consider our Lexington VA storage solutions at Valley Storage Co. Our space is ideal for furniture, seasonal gear, and even presents. So the family does not discover the gifts you worked so hard to find, […]

Dillsburg PA storage Solutions
Dillsburg PA Storage Solutions and Charitable Acts
December 5, 2017

How is your winter storing going? If you are planning a big move or want to reorganize your gear, Valley Storage Co is the place to come. Our Dillsburg PA storage solutions can make any situation less stressful. We have the tools on site to make finding that extra needed space hassle free. A storage […]

Medina OH storage solutions
Medina OH Storage Solutions and Charitable Acts
December 5, 2017

Are you ready for the winter weather? Get everything you need with our Medina OH storage solutions. We have creative ideas for first time moves, DIY projects and charities to make the season cheerful for all our neighbors. That winter chill can be harsh and we know not everyone has the best outdoor wear. So, […]

Martinsburg WV Storage Solutions
Martinsburg WV Storage Solutions and Charitable Acts
December 5, 2017

How do you prepare for the winter season? If you are looking for pointers for Martinsburg WV storage solutions, then stop by Valley Storage Co. Our storage professionals have the knowledge to walk you through every moving situation. From tools and space to helpful tips, you will move like a pro and be relaxing in […]

Williamsport MD Storage Solutions
Williamsport MD Storage Solutions and Charitable Acts
December 5, 2017

What is the best way to store your gear during the winter? If you need help answering this question, let our Williamsport MD storage solutions guide you in the right direction. There are many possibilities when you need more room at home or in the office. Valley Storage Co provides all our customers with the […]