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Planning on moving soon? Valley Storage has all the storage, expertise, and materials needed to securely hold your items as you settle into your new home. With 25 locations across the East Coast, we have a lot of storage options for you to choose from. Save on storage with us when you refer a friend! Valley Storage is experienced in helping tenants move, and we have even seen a lot of moves already this year. Since the start of the pandemic, people have been moving away from cities higher than average. We looked at why below.

Why the Pandemic Prompted Residents to Move away from Cities

  • Layoffs and Cost of Living. Companies issued hundreds of layoffs at a time, leaving thousands newly unemployed. Also, those who still had their jobs and had to adjust to working from home no longer had to commute to the office. This opened up the opportunity to find a more affordable place to conduct business for the time being.
  • Support from Family and Friends. When state governments first started issuing restrictions and lockdowns, the situation made a lot of people nervous. Some people moved in with family and friends to be able to support one another and quarantine with those they would see on a regular basis.

Renting with Valley Storage (Refer a Friend for Savings!)

Finding storage online has never been easier. Look through Valley Storage’s locations to find the one closest to you. We can support you through your move or act as your long-term self storage solution. Our experts can walk you through the storage process and answer any questions you may have. And be sure to refer a friend to Valley Storage for $50 off your next storage rental! You can browse the storage selections of each of our facilities online. Rent or reserve your storage today!

Tim Glasow

Tim Glasow

About the Author: Tim is an SEO Strategist at Storage Asset Management in York, PA. He is a self-storage industry specialist who has written about everything from storage advice and helpful resources to industry trends. In his free time, Tim enjoys sampling craft beer and exploring the local music scene.