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Packing Supplies Made Easy

Is the stress of moving making things difficult? The storage experts at Valley Storage have the knowledge to help make this process easy. Our packing supplies are on-site as well as the extra space you need during your move. Keep reading for tips and tricks to use when packing up your space.

packing supplies

Packing supplies made easy!

  • Instead of damaging your objects with tape, self cling bubble pack is great for odd shaped items.
  • The larger rolls of tape will keep the process moving along for 8-12 boxes. Don’t forget to get extra rolls just in case you run out!
  • Covers provide protection for furniture and mattresses. It’s best to use a drop cloth on the floor of your unit as an added layer of protection.
  • Do not over fill your boxes. Keep the bulk of your items in small or medium boxes. Save the large boxes for larger items.
  • Reuse your wardrobe boxes for your seasonal wardrobe.
  • Use a dish/glass partition when storing dishes, glassware, and china.
  • Laminated locks are made of hardened steel to resist sawing, filing, or prying. Make sure your unit has a securely locked
  • The Damp Rid container is an economical solution to keeping the moisture away. When it is empty, simply refill the container.
  • Add a layer of newsprint around your objects to help absorb some of the moving vibrations.
  • Many self movers miss some of the important supplies like markers, labels, and extra supplies. Keep a few extras on hand so the moving process goes smoothly.

Here at Valley Storage we want to help change your mind about packing. With our storage professionals and on-site supplies packing has never been easier. We can help you get moved in and moving on! Stop in to talk with us about all the possibilities.