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Packing for storage before you arrive

Ready to move without stress? Spring is the most popular time to move and Valley Storage Co. wants to get you set for what this season has in store. The storage packing tips below are tools to use when the sold sign hits the yard, or you open your curtains at the first sight of spring and realize the house needs a little TLC. We have ample space and knowledge to walk you through the storing process, with the goal of a success in sight.

With the house in order your mind will be free to plan the vegetable garden and redesign the patio furniture. Enjoy this time of year with help from experts you trust.

Packing Storage Tips

  • Think categories when tackling the living room or kitchen. Plates in one box, while cups and bowls in a separate one. This will keep things systematic.
  • Packing sentimentals? Give them lots of padding so the occasional bump on the road, is not catastrophic to these gems.
  • Keep a box off to the side with must have items. You will be thankful you have hand soap available as soon as you get to the new house.
  • A moving company may be in the budget and if you have large hard-to-move pieces, they may be just the professionals to help.
  • Have a plan for when you arrive at your unit. Normally this means how you packed the truck will be an example of how your unit will be organized.
  • Boxes with like items in them should stay together. For example, your bathroom towels should be close to your bathroom rugs and curtain.
  • If you are swapping the winter boots for flip flops, make sure you are going through everything and making edits where they need made.

Since you are storing with Valley Storage Co your stress free summer is waiting for you. Start storing with our storage packing tips and make a difference around your house.