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Moving Out Of State Checklist

While packing up the kids and moving houses, you do not want to forget anything, but there is so much to remember. Valley Storage knows moving season is coming fast and whether you are relocated for work or moving to a better opportunity, our moving out of state checklist can be a great starting point. Since we have multiple storage locations, moving your gear into a safe storage unit while you unpack, is just a click away.

Our storage units provide an elevated storage experience for our customers. We can answer the call for small storage units for those looking to store seasonal gear, as well as large household moves. If you are worried about a future move, let Valley Storage walk you thorough how to store, organize, and move like a pro.

Moving Out Of State

Updating Your Address: Where to Start First

After a big move, who all needs to know your updated address? We comprised a checklist to help when updating general information after a move.

Be proactive with as many businesses as you can, the more you can notify prior to your move, the better. Your realtor is a good solution for finding reputable healthcare professionals and reliable businesses to help with you move. Also check out each of our neighborhood friends boards for local restaurants, shops, and other businesses.

  1. Post office
  2. Credit Card Companies
  3. Insurance Companies
  4. Doctors/Dentist Offices
  5. Government Offices

How To Replenish the Pantry

Before Your Move: Before packing expired items from your cabinets, check every the best by date. If there are duplicate items, combine them if possible. Your final step for packing up the kitchen is putting a noticeable label on the outside of the box.

After Your Move: While unpacking, you may notice a few basic necessities are missing from your cleaning supplies, pantry, and linen closet. This checklist will help when it comes time to shop and replenish.

Let Valley Storage make moving out of state a little easier. Our extra storage space in Hagerstown MD, Inwood WV, and other neighborhoods near you can be the space saving option for your move. Choose a storage location near you and give us a call today.