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We Love Our Martinsburg, WV Neighborhood

Looking for something to do in Martinsburg, WV? This very historic town has something everyone will enjoy! Valley Storage on Sopwith Way and Valley Storage on Williamsport Pike are proud to serve such a vibrant community. We have put together a few local hot spots that make our community memorable. We love our Martinsburg, WV neighborhood and we hope you do too!

Martinsburg, WV

In downtown Martinsburg there is the one and only, PROVEN HAUNTED, Apollo theater! The theater is located at 128 E. Martin St. They perform live shows of many Disney movies and theater classics. This non-profit survives on community involvement and donations and is a business that gives back to the community.  It’s also call Miracle on E. Martin Street because it has lasted the test of time. While going through 2 world wars, a depression and economic boom the theatrical site still stands.  Come see the up-coming shows, “Disney’s High School Musical,” and “It’s Only Murder”.

If you are looking for another site with a story the Belle Boyd House will not disappoint. This house was home to Confederate spy, Belly Boyd who took on the Civil War in her own way. Ms. Boyd communicated with the Confederate generals during the civil war and gave them priceless information about towns people who were sympathizing with the north or businesses helping run away slaves. While giving them valuable information she received many warnings of possible punishments that await her but this did not stop her. Ms. Boyd spent many nights in the local and state prisons but was always set free. After the war, Boyd traveled the world giving dramatic lectures of her life as a spy.

The network of small businesses in Martinsburg work together to revive and uphold the integrity of the town. Valley Storage is a member of Main street Martinsburg which involves all businesses working together to beautify the town. Family friendly events have brought the spark back into our town.

The Martinsburg, West Virginia is home to two Valley Storage locations, Valley Storage Martinsburg, on Williamsport Pike, and Valley Storage South Queen, on Sopwith Way. We love being part of a town with kind neighbors and businesses that give back. When life is too cluttered make your way to our locations and talk with a professional today.