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We Love Our Lexington, VA Community

Looking for something to do in the state of love? We love our Lexington, VA community because it is home to many historic event and new businesses. Valley Storage Lexington is proud to be a business that serves the members of our town and surrounding areas. Below are a few events, historic stories, and local businesses that are impacting our neighborhood.

Lexington, VA

When you visit our town you will notice many of the buildings downtown have historic value. Our community began in the late 1700’s with the German and Scottish settlers. With the expansion of industry Lexington, Va started to grow. Legendary dignitaries such as George Washington, Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and George C. Marshall all left their historic footprint in Lexington, VA. Robert E. Lee, a famous confederate general and Stonewall Jackson are both buried in the Memorial Cemetery where you can take a tour of the grave site. George Washington made his name monumental here when he bestowed stock that was worth 20,000, in 1796, to the Washington and Lee University. This university is still helping the next generation fulfill their dreams.  Another memorable figure in our from our town is George C. Marshall. He oversaw the distribution of 13 billion dollars of American aid to Europe after WWII. Lexington Virginia is proud of its past and commemorates these figures with parades and monumental statues. There is so much history to explore!

As well as a vibrant history, our local downtown area is the perfect spot to relax after a day of traveling our town. Go on an adventure with a guided ghost tour or grab some local cuisine during the first Friday events. If you are looking for something outdoors, Lexington has Natural Bridge State Park. The park got it’s name from a 215 foot tall natural bridge.

Lexington Virginia is a town full of history, local businesses, and exciting events. This town is also home to your storage experts at Valley Storage Lexington. We have all your supplies and space ready to protect your belongings. Stop in to see what is going on in the town we love and talk with an expert today about your space.