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We Love Our Hagerstown, MD Neighborhood

Valley Storage Valley Mall on Cole Road, All Start Court, West Washington Street, Robinwood Drive and Leitersburg are all facilities proudly serving Hagerstown, Maryland. The Hagerstown community offers so much to the people who live and work here as well as those who visit. Hagerstown, Maryland is home to historical events, budding business adventures and a community that cares. We have a few of our favorite events, and places to visit below. We love our Hagerstown, MD neighborhood and we hope you do too!

Hagerstown, MD

What makes our Hagerstown Valley Storage communities great? The history in the area is incredible. Since the start of our town in 1762 we thrive as a hub for local businesses and creative dreamers. Hagerstown became a hot spot for local traders because of the town’s access to two of the major roads, Warrior Trading Path and First National Road. Both roads are still prominent transportation routes, Route 11 and 40. These routes were great to travel goods back and forth but they also brought many wars our way. From the French and Indian War in 1754-1763 to the Civil War in 1861-1865, Hagerstown was a central location for many battles. To honor our past we have unique events, like our annual Illumination at Antietam.

Today Hagerstown is home to many festivals and outdoor state parks. You won’t want to miss festival season from March till December there is a new concert to see every month. If you are the outdoorsy type, you will enjoy our many locations for hiking, fishing and recreational sports. Our local color also includes a vibrant agricultural industry. We have every type of farm imaginable. Your family can get out of the city life and experience a day on the farm.

The Hagerstown area has the rich history, exciting events, and prime location you have been looking for. If you are planing to move or need to organize your home Valley Storage is the best place to go. We have five locations in the Hagerstown area, All Star Court, Valley Mall on Cole Road, West Washington Street, Robinwood Drive, and Leitersburg on Leitersburg Pike. Stop by any of these convenient locations to talk with the experts, gather the supplies, and find the perfect space you need to get the job done.