How to Pack Your Storage Unit

How should you pack your storage unit to make the most of your rental space? Valley Storage has some tips to help you pack your storage unit efficiently, so when you add and swap items throughout your time renting storage, your space stays organized. Valley Storage offers a variety of self storage options among our more than 40 storage locations. Read more below to learn of some helpful tips to pack your storage unit.

3 Tips to Help You Pack Your Storage Unit

how to pack a storage unit - leave an aisle for easy access

1. Keep an Aisle Open for Easy Access

Make sure that all of your items are easily accessible by keeping an aisle open in your storage unit—just enough space for you to walk through and maneuver other items past.

Avoid clutter, and pack any larger items toward the back of your storage unit. Larger furniture and exercise equipment can be packed in a a base, with other items packed around them. We recommend storing your valuables farthest from the door, while leaving space in the front for the belongings that will be swapped regularly. 

2. Label Everything details the importance of creating an inventory list for your storage unit. Similarly, make sure to label all storage boxes and plastic bins being packed into your storage unit. Taking photos of your items is another great way to keep track of everything you are storing. If you cannot see the contents of a box once it is packed away, you will benefit from any small label you add to it.

3. Wrap Your Fragile Items

Utilize stretch wrap, bubble wrap, tape, and padding to protect any fragile items you will be keeping in storage. Furniture items and exercise equipment can be covered with blankets to protect them from scratches or other marks. Visit Valley Storage today to stock up on moving and storage supplies.

Valley Storage – Self Storage Facilities Serving the East Coast

Valley Storage operates storage facilities across the East Coast. Facilities are located in North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and Pennsylvania. We provide the full self storage service, with expert support, quality storage space, packing supplies, and more. Visit the self storage location closest to you to find specific services and storage features.

Across our storage facilities, you will find temperature-controlled storage units and the convenient drive-up storage units. Talk with our storage experts and use our online tools, like our storage calculator, to figure out the best storage option for your situation and budget. They can answer any questions about our storage units and online storage rentals.

Valley Storage locations are secure with monitored gate access, and personalized keypad access. Our on-site managers regularly monitor the grounds, so you can rest assured your belongings are safe. Find your storage solution online with Valley Storage!

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