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How to Find Houses to Flip

Are you ready to start your house-flipping journey? Valley Storage will guide you on how to find affordable houses to flip. With adequate research, you will be able to buy, renovate, and sell your first house. 

How to Find Houses to Flip

How to Find Houses to Fix Up & Flip 

Research the Area Well

Before finding the right house to flip, you will need to research the area. The area’s economic opportunities, weather, transportation, and cost of living should be considered during your research. New Silver Lending’s state-by-state guide to house flipping can assist you as you research housing markets in different areas. Keep your budget into consideration as this can determine which states or cities you should be looking in. During your research, keep in mind the seasonal changes that may occur during potential renovations. 

Search Online, But Also Make In-Person Real Estate Connections

We recommend using Zillow as a starting point to search for houses. Zillow’s online platform is easy to use and they even have an app for mobile use. Users can search for houses in various locations while getting a plethora of information on the property. If you want to view the house in-person but you are unable to travel to its location, Zillow’s virtual tour feature allows users to view the entirety of the property from their device. As you search for houses, ensure that they meet your criteria and budget. Keep in consideration the possible renovations or repairs that may be needed as well. For additional information, visit Zillow’s Foreclosure Center and their Home Seller’s Guide.   In addition, local real estate agents can provide more insight into some of these properties so we highly suggest reaching out to the agents in the area. Realtor can assist you with finding the best real estate agents. 

Identify Red Flags During Your Search

While you may find a perfect house that meets all of your expectations, there still might be a few issues that need attending to. There are some issues that we highly recommend staying clear of during the house-flipping process. These can include expensive repairs or issues that are beyond your expertise. Listed below are some common red flags that you should stay away from: 

  • Too Small of Kitchen/Bathroom Space
  • Plumbing Issues
  • Electrical Complications
  • Water Damage
  • Cracks in Foundation
  • Pest Infestations
  • And More

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Rent With Valley Storage

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Katie Mest

Katie Mest

About the Author: Katie Mest is an SEO Specialist at Storage Asset Management in York, PA. She specializes in writing about the self storage industry, including storage tips and helpful resources. Outside of work, Katie enjoys camping, hiking, and exploring the outdoors with her newly adopted Greyhound rescue, Titan.