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How to Efficiently Swap Your Summer and Winter Storage Items

It’s almost summertime and that means you will be taking a trip to your self-storage unit to swap all of your winter and summer items. You’ll be putting away all those skis, snowshoes and sweaters in favor of bikinis, bikes and boats. To make the transition easier, take a few steps to ratchet up the efficiency factor.

Step #1: Write down all the winter items you’re going to be storing.

This might sound tedious, but having a list will help you tremendously in the fall when you retrieve everything from your storage unit. If you don’t keep the list on the computer, make sure you stash it somewhere you can find it in a few months.

Step #2: When you get to your storage unit, re-evaluate the space.

If you open the door to your storage unit and realize you only have a few summer items to remove, but you have many more winter items to store, you might want to reevaluate your storage needs. Rather than cram your unit from basement to ceiling, consider investing in a second unit or a larger unit if yours can be upgraded in size.

Step #3: As you take out your summer items, make sure everything that stays in the storage unit is secure.

We’ve all had that awful experience of pulling something out of a packed closet only to dislodge other things in the process. Make sure you haven’t dislodged any of the other items in your storage unit when you removed your summer things.

Step #4: Put all of your winter items back with care.

Rather than randomly putting your winter items into your self-storage space, try to have a method in mind. For instance, you might want to relocate some of the other storage items so you can keep the winter stuff together. This will make it easier to remove the items when you need them again.

By making this process a bit more streamlined, you can efficiently utilize your self-storage unit.