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Home Organization: a Key to School Success

Has your Washington County home become a cluttered catastrophe now that school is back in session? At Valley Storage, we are passionate about organization and want to help you conquer school clutter before it takes over your living room (and dining room, and kitchen, and hallway). Here is a list of tips to keep your house running like a well-oiled machine as you transition from summer to school:

1. Install some hooks: It’s amazing how a few hooks can instantly decrease the amount of clutter that accumulates on the floor and on top of furniture! Install some easy to reach hooks for your budding scholars to hang their backpacks, sports equipment and jackets. You can even go a step further and put some inside of a kitchen cabinet or pantry door, so that they’ll have a place to hang their lunchboxes.

2. Create simple storage bins: Purchase some colored bins (or take old shoe boxes and cover them in construction paper) to create a color coded system for storage of everything from paper to markers to glue. Use a bookshelf to store the bins in an area that’s accessible to all family members. This will not only be a storage spot for school supplies, but will also create a central location for homework to happen!

3. Set up a family “post office”: We can’t tell you how many times we’ve misplaced a permission slip or invitation to a birthday party! Creating an inbox/outbox system for the stream of paper that comes into your home is a fantastic way to avoid the awkward request for a second form or directions to a party. Plus, it’s another great example for your kids on how to stay organized and be responsible for their belongings.

4. Hang an indoor clothesline: The refrigerator is prime real estate for displaying the artwork that your kids bring home. But, if left unchecked, it can turn into an unorganized art gallery in no time! Why not get creative with a clothesline, instead? Hang a line in the entryway of each of your children’s bedrooms, or along the wall of your family room or den, and use clothespins to display their masterpieces.

Have any other great back to school storage solutions? Please share them with us! Our Valley Storage Hagerstown and beyond community will thank you, as will we!