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5 Self Storage Supplies Useful For Moving

Where do you begin when looking at your belongings before a move? Purchase boxes, tape, bubble wrap and more, but if you wondering how much or what sizes Valley Storage has you covered. This month we are making it easy to pick your self storage supplies and start moving your gear to storage or to the new home. The process of packing up your home can be lengthy but with the right tools and experts answering your questions, it will be simple. 

What Are the Basic Self Storage Supplies You Need? 

  1. Boxes – Purchase brand new boxes, avoid using grocery store boxes since these may attract critters. 
  2. Tape – You can never have too much! Tape the bottom and top securely before moving. 
  3. Bubble Wrap – Give your breakables a little cushion on the commute to the storage unit. Bubble wrap or newsprint are great options!
  4. Labels – Make a label or purchase already made, either way, mark every box going into storage with a category. 
  5. Moisture Absorber – DampRid is a name brand we offer at Valley Storage locations so your storage unit stays nice and dry. 

Valley Storage has a variety of storage facilities near you with different merchandise for sale. If you are searching for something specific give our office a call to see what we offer or come in to meet a friendly neighbor in the area. Use U-Haul’s supply calculator to help determine how many boxes are needed! Another great tool to use is our storage unit calculator.

Self Storage Supplies -Tape dispenser Tape Rolls Self Storage Supplies - Locks Box

Why Choose Our Supplies? 

These basic necessities for moving are at every Valley Storage expert waiting to assist you. If this is your first time moving to storage or it has been a while, let our team help you through the process. Along with the right tools for the job, a portion of the merchandise sale will go towards the Susan G Komen Foundation in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Valley Storage is proud to give back, help us do so this month with our self storage supplies.