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‘Tis the Season for Caring

Nothing feels better than knowing that a group of people care enough for your health to do something about it. This group of people is The Maryland Food Bank. Since 1979, MFB has been distributing free food from manufacturers to the state’s hungry. In 2011, the Maryland Food Bank distributed more than 23 million pounds of food to various families and individuals in need. It’s safe to say nobody has done what they do. Instead of going into feeding the hungry blind, Maryland Food Bank has certain goals and expectations for their business.

Goal 1: Find More Food. They plan to do this by utilizing government food sources and engaging in retail rescue programs.

Goal 2: Find Better Ways to Distribute Food to Food Partners. They have created “Pantry on the Go” which is an effective way to distribute food to children and their families; this will help them reach their second goal quickly and successfully.

In order to build a stronger network, MFB has conducted various research on their partners needs and held meetings to see what else they can do to help the community. They have also improved their menu and order operations while moving towards online ordering.

Maryland Food Bank doesn’t only want to feed the hungry, but they also want to end hunger everywhere. For the next five years, their focus is to bring ending hunger into the minds of all their consumers and their community. In order to be successful in their plan they have engaged their network and general public in advocacy and public policy. They have also collaborated with various agencies that are anti-hunger as well and have the same goals in mind as the Maryland Food Bank does. They have also created a marketing campaign in order to reach the minds of their consumers and the general public and community.

Please contact them at 410-737-8282 or stop by at Maryland Food Bank, 2200 Halethorpe Farms Road, Baltimore, MD 21227 to see how you can help.