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The convenience of The UPS Store

Our onsite UPS store at our Valley Storage Leitersburg location definitely has its perks. The UPS Store offers many convenient services to our customers; here are some of our favorites:

UPS My Choice.  This service will prevent you from ever missing a delivery again. UPS My Choice is a free and easy service that allows you to create email, voice, or text alerts for your expected packages so you know where they are and when they will arrive, and all this without the hassle of a tracking number. If you are not planning on being home at that time you can have your package delivered to our convenient UPS Store location or held for pickup at the UPS customer center.  You also have the choice of rerouting the delivery to another address and authorizing UPS to deliver packages without a signature. Visit the UPS website to sign up for your free UPS My Choice account today!

UPS Mobile App.   If you are a mobile person who cannot live without your Smartphone you are going to love this app. The UPS Mobile app works with Android and iPhone and allows users to easily track a package’s progress, view alerts, and find out the current status with a tracking or InfoNotice number. You can even figure out estimated shipping costs of a package simply by entering an origin and destination ZIP or locating the nearest UPS location using your Smartphone’s GPS or a ZIP code. Who needs an office?

Shredding.   A new UPS Store partnership with All-Shred Inc. provides our customers with safe and secure document shredding. According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, “millions of people become victims of identity theft each year and lose an average of $387-631 per incident”. Identity thieves seek out personal information from things like bills and bank or credit statements and use it to steal your identity. Their main source of this information is trash and mail. One of the most important tools to prevent identity thieves from obtaining this information is to always shred receipts, credit card applications, insurance forms, physician statements, checks, and banks statements, and expired credit cards and offers. Our partnership with All-Shred Inc. provides you with the confidence of knowing your personal information will be destroyed securely and kept out of the hands of identity thieves. Stop by our UPS store today to find out more information.

Custom T-Shirts and Totes.  If you have a business or product that you are promoting we suggest you try a custom t-shirt or tote. Our UPS store can take your logo, design, or whatever and transfer that custom image to a t-shirt or tote bag starting at just $9.99 and our turn-around time of as little as 24 hours means you can start promoting right away.

Check out our UPS website for more info here.