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Our Favorite Tenant

Every now and then you meet someone who is special. You meet someone who has that extra spark and zest for live and adventure. Meet Mel.


Mel just happened to stop in our Valley Storage, Leitersburg Pike UPS Store location to ship some of her belongings to her new place in California. She has embarked on a mostly solo roadtrip across country, unless you count cats, dogs and two of our Sun Guys, who she has dubbed her trip mascots.


Mel says, “Valley and Storage are identical twins. They most certainly brighten my day. On the day before my departure, I found this handsome pair of Sunshine Guys at the UPS Store/Valley Storage Co. on Leitersburg Pike in Hagerstown, MD. As soon as I saw this silent couple I knew they were the mascots that I had been searching for. Not only are they cute, squishy and small but they perfectly nest on my dashboard. They have no personality and are only good for their looks, but hey, who needs a personality when you have good looks? I’m happy to have them along for the ride. ” Somehow we think our Sun Guys don’t mind at all.


Her hilarious cross-country mis-adventures will have you in stitches and may even make you dye your hair pink.
“True beauty is achieved when you shed the shackles of society, step outside of your comfort zone and share your light with the world.” -Melanie
Well put Mel!