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Dillsburg PA Storage Solutions and Charitable Acts

How is your winter storing going? If you are planning a big move or want to reorganize your gear, Valley Storage Co is the place to come. Our Dillsburg PA storage solutions can make any situation less stressful. We have the tools on site to make finding that extra needed space hassle free. A storage unit is perfect when the timeline does not match up and you need to relocate.

We have helped you organize for the new year, store summer gear, and find the local happenings each season, now is the time to give back to our Dillsburg PA neighbors. The Children’s Home of York is assisting over 200 children this season and they need our help.

Dillsburg PA storage Solutions

Making a difference in the community and lives of children is their goal. They foster a relationship with kids who have a hard home life or families struggling with foster care. The Children’s Home of York has been assisting families for over 150 years. It first began as an orphanage in the 1800’s and evolved to the state of the art facility equipped with the means to help families thrive. They offer therapy and programs for kids and families who are struggling financially. It continues to evolve with the kids and their needs. They work hard to find foster homes that are positive and loving for kids.

Since their original opening, the agency has budded a Girls’ Center, hospitalization program and foster care program. They are ultimately looking out for the well being of children in our York County area.

We are honored to partner with them this year. Thank you to all our customer for your willingness to give. Our office is still accepting donations until December 22nd and there are many options on either registry. We want to make this season memorable for these wonderful children.

Since we are saying farewell to 2017 and welcoming 2018, thank you to all our customers who donated. While you enjoy your holiday season, cherish these moments with family while we keep all your gear secure in our Dillsburg PA storage solutions.