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Akron OH Storage Solutions and Charitable Acts

How do you store your gear during the winter? If you need help organizing or finding space saving ideas, Valley Storage Co. has the Akron OH storage solutions. We understand when life gets a little busier it is nice to come home to a coordinated house. Our tips will help you make your space perfect for the holiday season.

Not only are we experts at storing but with your help we assist our Akron OH neighbors every year for the holidays. There are many families all over the world that may not have the means to make a holiday special for their children. With Toys for Tots a special season is possible! We are working together to gather new toys for boys and girls who may not have them.

Akron OH Storage Solutions

This organization started in the late 1940’s with Major Bill Hendricks as the leader in Los Angeles. It all began with a handmade doll as the first gift. The USMCR has expanded Toys for Tots to a nationwide call to action for every community. Their goal is to help children all year round who do not have the resources they need. The months of November and December are prime giving times. Many communities have a USMCR office that is the main drop off location but for those areas that there is no office, businesses work together to inspire others. After the holiday toy drive is over, they turn their focus to the literacy program and other fundraisers to get the word out about everything the United States Marine Corps Reserve does.

Last year alone, they were able to raise $280 million in revenue. This was the second best year and they are aiming for higher this year. The former First Lady continued her support, along with other government officials, which helped this organization get the national spotlight on them.

We are proud to be partners with Toys for Tots yet again this year. Thank you to everyone who has donated and please continue to drop off your items. We are still accepting new unwrapped toys until December 14th.

As we sit back and relax, it is nice to know your belongings are safe. Whether you planned a move or simply rejuvenated your space, we are happy to help.