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5 Ways To Reclaim Space After the Holidays

Are you taking down the lights and garland? Where are you storing seasonal decorations this year? Finding space around the house for boxes of ornaments and outside decorations can be tricky, especially if you want to keep all your space useable. Self storage can help with your holiday clean up! Here are 5 tips for creative holiday storing.

Storing The Holiday: Seasonal Storage Tips

  1. Use coat hangers to hold wreaths
  2. Wrap the tree in plastic to keep it clean
  3. Back-of-the-door shoe organizers can be repurposed to hold wrapping paper tubes.
  4. Breakable ornaments work best in individual plastic cups
  5. Clear containers make it easy to store decor and simple to stack in your storage unit. 

Choosing a Storage Unit Size

Whether you are a novice or expert, when your holiday decorations come down you need a safe place to store them. Which storage unit is the right option for you? Making this decision is the first step to renting here at Valley Storage. We offer multiple self storage locations with a team of experts at each office. Here to answer your questions and guide you through seasonal storing or the latest life transitions, our professionals can help. 

Holiday Storage - Twinkle Lights

Just a Few Twinkle Lights 

A small storage unit is a way to go. 5×5 is the size of a closet and will help with the few boxes of lights and ornaments.

Let the Illumination Begin 

Not quite to the music and light show but you have a few lawn decorations you want to look pristine for next year? Choose a storage unit in the medium range. 

The Countdown to the Season Starts Now! 

There are only 11 more months till the holidays come back! If you can not wait for the next holiday season to arrive a large storage unit may be the right choice for you.